We must take ACTION!

Our ideas of Freedom and Justice are crumbling under the weight of powerful interests (1%) with their own self serving objectives and a "you are on your own" mentality for the rest of us (99%.) These interests threaten our families, communities and values.


The Mason County Democrats

Have a proud history of progressive political and social activism on behalf of Mason County residents.

Meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Locations vary so please sign our mailing list and visit us often to check our Calendar

And much more...

If not now, When? If not you, Who?

The Congresional Elections in November are about: 

  • Decency
  • Saving Our Democracy
  • Holding the Executive Branch Accountable
  • Our Healthcare
  • Women's Rights
  • Getting Corporate Money out of Politics

And much more...

Our values

Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right.

Social Security

As a safety net for the elderly, disabled, widows, and children.

Living-Wage Jobs

A fair economy and tax system and the right to organize labor unions.

Free Public Education

From Pre-School through College or Trade School.

Getting Corporate Money out of Politics

Repealing the Citizens United law that says corporations are people.

Full Equality

Regardless of gender, race, religions, sexual orientation or national origin.

A Fair Criminal Justice System

Where the rule of law is applied to everyone.

Economic and Social Justice

Closing the income gap

Corporate Tax Reform

Where everyone pays a fair share.

Environmental Sustainability

To protect our planet from Climate Change and Pollution.

Common Sense Gun Laws

  • Raise the age limit
  • Require background checks
  • Ban bump stocks
  • Ban semi and automatic weapons

A Woman's Right to Choose

A Woman must have sovereignty over her own body and reproductive choices.